H&S and risk assessment

We understand that your organisation might require our Risk Assessments to plan your visit.

Here are some of our General Risk Assessments for you to download as PDF’s. If you require anything more detailed please contact Jane on jane@bootup.org.uk

Global Risk Assessment

The following three Risk Assessments are filled in daily at each session

DAILY RA1 complete

General RA1complete

ACTIVITY Risk Assess1

The following Risk Assessments are for particular activities and areas on site and are filled in on a daily activity basis Ie: 

Dampers RA1

shelter building RA1


cob oven RA

Covid-19 Risk Assessments 

Reopening Assessment 1- Opening to public – 25 06 2020

System of Controls 1- Opening to public – 25 06 2020

letter to schools:agencies re covid re-opening

Disclaimer Agreement

Keeping Everyone Safe

Keeping Everyone Safe – Teachers