Our Site

Staff, students and volunteers built The Barn in 2019 so we have somewhere dry safe and warm to go when the winter storms come. It is not your usual classroom setting but it is a home from home.

The Perch is a cheeky little summer-house space ideal for quiet times, craft activities and a board game or two in front of the fire.

The Snug is the rest room for anyone feeling like they need some space away or a quiet moment. We also use if for a Contact Centre for agencies looking for a space for families to meet.

Hot in Summer, home in Winter, once the cold winds come we move into PolyHQ from the outdoor kitchen and make this our base until the Spring. This is where we congregate and eat.

The Tricky Treehouse is a bit of a challenge with its wooden ladder and trap door but the views from up here are great!

The go-to break and lunchtime place where if you’re not careful you can be spun-out in no time

Tarpy is out sheltered woodwork cave with a bit of a party vibe with the festival lights.

Pizza Oven – small rectangular but very tasty pizzas only in this oven!

The Fire Pit and Forest School area. The heartbeat-centre of our site where magical things can happen.

Need to do something messy? This is your place. Made of straw bales and cob with a wooden cladding The Den is our cosiest space but can also let in the summer breeze with its bi-fold doors on to the deck.

The Green Woodwork area is a sheltered and sunny spot for a bit of quiet whittling and for making green woodworking projects. With shave horses and workbenches it is perfect for a bit of green woodwork action.

The Greenhouse is a warm and dry space for planting and propagating seeds but also just a nice quiet space to be in the garden. Be careful the owl who lives in the oak tree above doesn’t poop on you!

In the driest summer on record we decided to make a new garden to become a recreation area. The grass has finally started to grow and the plants have taken and there is a new shelter for those downpours.


The log pile is a bi-annual thing so you need to get a barrow and help stack them up ready from winter. Curious Bracken is always at the centre of the action.

   A romantic view of autumn mists from the top of the site. Just nice to walk     around and stop and look sometimes.