Food and catering

Boot Up Outdoor Learning provides ALL food, drinks and snacks whilst our students are on site.

On arrival

  • Squash, water, milk, coffee, tea, fruit bowl

Break time

  • Fruit bowl, prepared fruit or biscuits
  • Squash, water, milk, coffee, tea

Lunch. Choice of

  • Hot pasta dish with tomato sauce and grated cheese
  • Jacket potato with cheese and beans with optional salad
  • Mixed salad box – saute new potatoes, grains, coleslaw, veg sticks, humous, green salad etc (summer)
  • Veg sticks and humous
  • Hot homemade soup (winter)
  • Fruit Bowl
  • ALL served with chinky white or brown/seeded fresh bread
  • Squash, water, milk, coffee, tea, etc

If a cookery lesson is part of your child’s day the additional food such as pizza or pasta/pesto/cakes etc will also be consumed.

As a healthy-eating school, we do not encourage students to bring their own packed lunches, drinks, snacks, crisps etc. Everyone is expected to eat the same food.

Sweets, energy drinks and other sweet snacks are not allowed.