Boot Up! Outdoor Learning is a special Outdoor Learning centre open to all students aged 11-16yrs. We focus on wellbeing and on providing an alternative education setting for vulnerable students, those who do not thrive in a classroom setting and including those with certain levels of Special Educational Needs. We support students who are struggling with mainstream school and need time-out, or young people who require an alternative style of education. 

With fun and inspirational sessions in arts & crafts, green woodwork, bushcraft, construction, nature studies, forest school, cooking and gardening, the sessions are built to enable young people to discover new skills in our beautiful outdoor setting and cosy indoor spaces. All sessions are 1:1 with change-overs of individual members of staff and each planned session can be student-led with our highly motivated staff responding to individual needs. 

Being a family-led centre we aim to provide nature/nurture and to share our skills with you and enable you to get the very best from your Boot Up! experience.