• Feed the Birds

    Recycled juice bottle, a wooden spoon and a bird seed 3 course meal for the birds! The great tits and chaffinches just LOVE it. A ‘well balanced’ diet!

  • Poly3 – sowing and seeds

    We have pruned back the overgrown vines and swept out the top half of Poly3 ready to make use of the space and tables to create a nursery. As a back up to the outdoor planting, the same seeds have been sown in pots and trays in case of crop failure or bad weather. They […]

  • Sunny Delight

  • The White Stuff

    For 6 months we have not been able to move forward with digging up at ‘Flowerpots Allotments’ due to a huge pile of nasty looking heavy unidentified white stuff. After much research it was concluded that this stuff was not toxic as was first feared, and was not lime as was also suggested but most […]

  • Water Aid

    It is a miracle! We have a tap with running water! No more carrying heavy containers up the hill in a wheelbarrow, and constantly reminding everyone of how precious the resource is. However, it helps to be mindful of how much we can waste. It has taken months of research and searching the whole farm […]

  • The Perfect end to a Perfect Day

  • Dig-In

    It is a gargantuan struggle – the earth is heavy and dry and the grass is compacted and weedy on top. Cutting the turf off and digging the allotments is exhausting work. But satisfying……. We get the chitted potatoes and broad beans into the furrows the kids have dug out in March and we are […]

  • Seeds for Change

    18th April. Today, after months of deliberating amongst ourselves – organic or non -organic (cheaper), local garden centre or online, early or late planting, waiting for time to dig the soil, clearing polytunnel 3 to make a seed nursery, cold nights warm days….. the seeds finally arrive. Delighted with the purchase we are keen to […]

  • Sail Away

    We always knew the day would come, but the need for shade has overtaken the desire to do anything else. The sun and brightness at the Boot Up! garden is relentless. The clear cloudless days are hot and bright and, depite being beautiful, are uncomfortable in the mid-day sun. In fact we can’t find any […]

  • Easter Holiday Activities 12th April

    Lots of fun for everyone, art and woodwork activities. We made a scarecrow (scarey crow), made cress heads, seed bracelets, wooden mallets and we did some gardening. One of the best Boot Up! days so far. Hot sunny weather – too hot in fact – we need to make some shade. The day went far […]

  • In days of Yore…

    Clear Warm sunny days The elongated spell of bright sunny endless days and frosty cold nights makes me think about gardening when I was small. My Grandad used to say ‘never sow the seed ’till the frost is passed’ and ‘ ne’er cast a clout ’till May is out’, which my Mum used to take […]

  • Signs of Spring – at last!

    At last, some tiny signs of spring. The nights and early mornings are very cold still, with even a touch of ground frost late into April, but the days are hot and the leaves are just beginning to unfurl. It’s only a matter of days ………….