Water Aid

It is a miracle! We have a tap with running water! No more carrying heavy containers up the hill in a wheelbarrow, and constantly reminding everyone of how precious the resource is. However, it helps to be mindful of how much we can waste.

It has taken months of research and searching the whole farm site and garden centre to find how and where the water comes from. There are three (yes three!) disused pumps at Boot Up! and no one knows which one feeds what. There is a borehole on site and a massive tank of ever=flowing water in amongst Tall Trees which we assume if fed uphill from maybe the lakes at the bottom or the borehole down in the car park. It is a mystery!

Our back-to-basics approach was to follow the blue alcathene pipes back from the site where we want a tap, down the hill to the vineyard where there is a valve which has water. This is pumped through a UV- filtration system at the farm pumped up from the borehole in the top car park and then up the hill to the vineyard. All we need to do is tap (pardon the pun) into the supply from here.

And YES! it works!!!!

Hoooray – the days of drinking water drought are behind us. Now we need to work on the rainwater harvest system – and our clever water-team leader has an idea … watch this space…………..

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