Seeds for Change

18th April. Today, after months of deliberating amongst ourselves – organic or non -organic (cheaper), local garden centre or online, early or late planting, waiting for time to dig the soil, clearing polytunnel 3 to make a seed nursery, cold nights warm days….. the seeds finally arrive.

Delighted with the purchase we are keen to get them planted. We decided to but organic seeds online from an established organic grower. Although we know that we can not claim our produce to be truly organic as we do not know what has gone before with the soil and we cant guarantee feed and compost will be truly organic, we feel that we might as well start as we mean to go on.
The choice of seed ranges from a high-octane mix of leafy cut and come again salads, oriental vegetables,, unusual shape and colour tomatoes, beans and peas, courgettes and squashes. We have chosen red varieties as well as green of onion, cabbage, basil , peas and we have decided to follow the rules of companion planting but also plant the beds in colour sections. One in charge of the red-bed, another the white, another the green and so on…… makes for interesting planting and a chance to follow of making our garden into our art :)))
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