• Amusing time lapse

    This is a short time lapse taken on Sunday at Tall Trees allotment! If anyone would like to see the high res version of it and all of the pics of November please get in touch ( for a look. In the meantime, enjoy this…it makes me smile!! All images and moving images are copyright […]

  • Sketch from a stormy day (a while ago)

  • Ley line

  • Allotment Plotting

    A day of our own ley-line lying in the late autumnal sun and showers.Relating my boot measurement to yours…How many paces make a plot?The plotting looks different on paper, in measurement to when marked out in reality. A reminder that the place always leads the action there and how we work with/in it. That is […]

  • Very Berry

    best of autumn colour

  • Tall Trees

    20th November and after a week of storms and high winds, peace, warmth and calm descends on the garden. The warm autumn sun makes the place sing. Over at the Tall Trees Allotment site things are really coming on. The first strim has been done and reduced the waist high grass to a manageable level […]

  • Never Alone

    It’s amazing how even though you think you are alone at the garden you never really are. Today a bright colourful moth fluttered down and rested near me. Basking in the autumn sunshine he was beautiful and a true companion.

  • Going Potty!

      Obsessive. That’s what it is! retrieving and sorting flower pots into stacks.  Up at ‘Flowerpots’ am keen to get all the unused pots out from under the brambles so that we can get on with moving the damaged polytunnel and digging the new allotments.  This has led to obsessive behaviour, sorting them into sizes, […]

  • Raspberry

    Colour in the garden. The Raspberry is our first and only fruit! (apart from apples galore that is). In the pouring rain of a November day seeing this jewel shining in the magnifying raindrops made me stop and think about colour. How important it is. The bright red pierced the green of the surrounding garden, […]

  • bigger plan

  • small trees, groundplan and tortoise gardening?

    So far weather is good so I’ve paced out allotment spaces and drawn up a roughly-to-scale plan. One notable point is that mid-morning this time of year the upper plots are in full shade and the lower plots are in full sun. just been cutting back brambles at entrance to ‘tunnel’, found a self-seeded baby […]

  • Rain and rain again

    Thursday. wet and stormy November day. Sat in the polytunnel HQ having a few cuppas and a good ol’ chat. Lots of plans made and sensible discussions about what is going where and how. All very exciting, making plans. The torrential rain hammering on the polytunnel roof made talking almost impossible. It reminded us NOT […]