Going Potty!


Obsessive. That’s what it is! retrieving and sorting flower pots into stacks. 
Up at ‘Flowerpots’ am keen to get all the unused pots out from under the brambles so that we can get on with moving the damaged polytunnel and digging the new allotments. 

This has led to obsessive behaviour, sorting them into sizes, styles, colours, shapes, which ones fit inside other ones and make a neat stack………..
Started thinking about flower pots…. how are they graded? capacity, size, pint, litre???? Remember it is by inches (or centimeters) Can still hear Percy Thrower’s voice on Gardeners’ World saying ‘ pot it up in a 4″ pot’! Keep thinking about what kind of plants grow in what kind of pot? The tall black ones, climbing plants-clematis, creepers…the short dumpy ones, heathers and perennials – I wonder what ever grows in the bright orange ones?? There are blue ones and red ones, green ones and a yellow one, black ones and grey ones, terracotta colour but no real clay ones….thousands of the things!

These ones  – there are literally thousands – from tiny ones (one seed) to massive ones ( huge trees) backbreaking work. They are buried in tall brambles as deep and as high as the ones on Rapunzel’s tower. Arms are scratched and gloves are torn. 

Cup of tea?

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