small trees, groundplan and tortoise gardening?

So far weather is good so I’ve paced out allotment spaces and drawn up a roughly-to-scale plan. One notable point is that mid-morning this time of year the upper plots are in full shade and the lower plots are in full sun.

just been cutting back brambles at entrance to ‘tunnel’, found a self-seeded baby apple tree and also liberated its parent. Thinking whilst working about the pace of my pruning and remembering the story of ‘the hare and the tortoise’ as well as gardeners of old who knew nothing of power tools…

kettles boiled and just discovered Earl grey leaf tea and strainer for making it – thank you whoever brought it. I will reciprocate with ground coffee and filters.

… back to musings about ‘tortoise gardening’ and our project’s non-competitive ethos. My feeling is that this attitude will be equally significant as the physical environment itself for the young people coming here.

I brought a baby oak tree from my garden at home and planted it in a pot of earth that seemed to be waiting for it in the polytunnel HQ, feel free to re-plant wherever. Also, spotted this self-sown miniature garden in a grow bag.

I’ve positioned dustbin outside by pump-house to harvest rainwater that is due later this week. Tempted to dig inside polytunnel but decided this is a task for during Friday’s storm.

1.30pm and the sun/shade situation is as it was at 11am in allotment areas. I wonder how different it will be in summer?

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