Rain and rain again

Thursday. wet and stormy November day. Sat in the polytunnel HQ having a few cuppas and a good ol’ chat. Lots of plans made and sensible discussions about what is going where and how. All very exciting, making plans. The torrential rain hammering on the polytunnel roof made talking almost impossible. It reminded us NOT to build a tin roof on our education building when we make it!

Weather worsened, left alone in the garden it felt strangely calm despite the wind howling through the trees. Tall Trees creaked and groaned and the boughs squeaked together eerily in the high winds. The sound of dripping water coursing down the edges of the tunnel, the noise of winer rain.

Thinking time, time to revise exactly where we are with the project and how we should proceed. Much work needs to be done, when do we decide when the site is safe enough for young people to start working there? When do we start planting things? Could we start with a few young people and then work upwards from there after christmas? Too many work based thoughts!

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