Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our blogSince our last entry in 2013, Boot Up! Outdoor Learning has gone through some major changes but despite all that we are STILL HERE!!!!In 2014 Falmouth University ceased funding the Boot Up! Project and the transfer was made setting up a Social Enterprise and Boot Up! Outdoor Learning became a Community […]

Boot Up: Free The Trees!

A brilliant new project at Boot Up, created by one of Falmouth University’s Creative Event Management students, is ‘Boot Up: Free The Trees!’The project is designed to recruit a number of volunteers to help maintain the Boot Up garden and reclaim areas of land that have been taken over by brambles.Only half way through the […]

The stuff WE did in 2012

Easter Fun  The unusual weather of a heatwave and drought has made the end of the Winter term into lots of fun. Our Easter activities all took place outdoors. Kim made a wonderful cake and we decorated eggs and played team games which was great fun.  and of course, there was the Easter bunny nest and […]

Active Allotments

Yes its that time of year again! Digging and preparing the allotments in March is always a lot of hard work but is also heaps of fun!   Off over the fields to harvest Hazel rods for bean sticks  What a lovely day!

Creative Garden

Creative Garden Project In the spring term we began to design and make a garden for The Den. After clearing brambles from a large area we started to plant bulbs and seeds to provide flowers for the garden and food for the bees. Led by a Student Ambassador there were some garden design and planting […]

Fire Crackers!

We wanted to make the Tall Trees Allotment area more appealing and accessible to all, so we decided to make a Fire Pit and surround so that we could end our busy day toasting crumpets and chatting about our day. We began by going on an expedition to the woods to harvest some trees to make […]

Spring Garden

Weather Wise

                                                                                                     As the weather is always […]

Larging it Up again!

 The group from Penrice decided to go for a traditional style windmill with sails so we set about creating one with old sheets and some found materials from on site. The student ambassadors worked really hard with the kids to get this completed. Using an old office chair and some bits of plastic pipe and […]

Larging it up!

We dug a test hole to start creating a large windmill, using a drainpipe and bit of old polytunnel pole as a shaft. Designing the hub Making the crank for the winding mechanism made form old pits of plumbing pipe Creating the sails from bits of plywood and guttering The test site is nearly complete […]

Wooden Windmill Workshops

Windmill Challenge

 First we introduced the idea of windmills and wind power by looking at images of all kinds of windmills, from dutch windmills with pumps to wind farms.  Then we got crafty and made simple paper windmills to demonstrate wind direction & power We then moved on to making the bespoke bottle windmill design we had […]