Creative Garden

Creative Garden Project

In the spring term we began to design and make a garden for The Den. After clearing brambles from a large area we started to plant bulbs and seeds to provide flowers for the garden and food for the bees.

Led by a Student Ambassador there were some garden design and planting workshops 

We dug a flower bed to create a wildlife border to encourage bees 

 and then we had a hilarious time adding manure (horse poo) which was smelly and sticky

Everyone had a chance to join in the design of the garden and each person had a chance to make a presentation of their ideas and then a collective decision was made, taking elements from each design

We planted some seeds for the garden in a cold frame

The soil is nice and healthy with plenty of wriggly worms

Then we went to the Garden Centre to choose Bee-loving plants that had a cheerful mix of pinks and red colours

 and a Bee loved the soooo much it came and landed on them! 

 after we had made the wildlife bed, we took delivery of a lorry load of turf and we began to lay he lawned area which was an instant transformation!

Its going to be a great space – so calm and pretty

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