Fire Crackers!

We wanted to make the Tall Trees Allotment area more appealing and accessible to all, so we decided to make a Fire Pit and surround so that we could end our busy day toasting crumpets and chatting about our day. 

We began by going on an expedition to the woods to harvest some trees to make the pergola and surround.

Once the resources were back at the site we started making the fire pit with branches
We built it up slowly layering logs and pegging them in with stakes we whittled

        we sourced some logs to make the uprights for the benches

and we aded them to the pit surround and then added our wonderful funky chairs that we made with student Ema

                                                          Don’t they look GREAT! 

 We had a masterclass from Jane in lighting fires using the one-minute-fire technique

 and soon everyone was up to speed in being able to light a fire from a fire-steel and some shavings

Crumpets – yum yum

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