Weather Wise

As the weather is always the main talking point of every day we decided we wanted to make a weather station so we set up a crate on an exposed corner of the fence – and yes you guessed it – it is raining! 
Each person was given an element of the weather station to create
starting with the barometer by adding a pressurised tube into water in a beaker and measuring the bubble rising and falling in the tube

 Next we made an Humidity gague by stealing a long strand of hair from a student! As the humidity increases the hair tightens and raises up the plastic indicator

 Then we made an Anometer to test the wind speed out of paper cups and a pencil

 The we needed a compass so that we could check the wind direction

 and a weather vane

 readjusting the barometer

 Drawing up a weather diary for the data
 Installing the Anometer 

 we added a thermometer so we can check the minimum and maximum temperature and a rain guague so we can measure the rainfall

Making our first record and surprise surprise there is rain in the guauge already! 

adding and checking the data – a job well done 
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