• Active Allotments

    Yes its that time of year again! Digging and preparing the allotments in March is always a lot of hard work but is also heaps of fun!   Off over the fields to harvest Hazel rods for bean sticks  What a lovely day!

  • Creative Garden

    Creative Garden Project In the spring term we began to design and make a garden for The Den. After clearing brambles from a large area we started to plant bulbs and seeds to provide flowers for the garden and food for the bees. Led by a Student Ambassador there were some garden design and planting […]

  • Fire Crackers!

    We wanted to make the Tall Trees Allotment area more appealing and accessible to all, so we decided to make a Fire Pit and surround so that we could end our busy day toasting crumpets and chatting about our day. We began by going on an expedition to the woods to harvest some trees to make […]

  • Spring Garden