Windmills and Rotation Planting

Thurs 25th Feb

As it was raining today we did some activities in the yurt 🙂

The first group made scarecrow windmills out of holographic paper and recycled materials, including bottletops, cellophane and bamboo sticks. They were just fantastic – it could be the birds stand and admire the windmills rather than be scared of them!

The second group learnt all about families of vegetables, Root, Bean, Brassicas etc. When they had drawn them and cut them out we put them on string and hung them up in the yurt. We ethen learnt about how some plants compliment each other and so we acted out which vegetable went well with another by moving our cut outs into groups.

With the woodburning stove blazing away and our pasties warming up nicely we were cosy and snug in the yurt. Nice activities for a wet day 🙂

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