Straw Day!

Today the lovely warm dry sweet smelling straw arrived from the local farm. The farmer bought it on a trailer behind a tractor across the fields at the back of the garden site. We were there to greet him and unload the dry straw bales onto a massive tarpaulin.

It looked like rain was on its way so we found every way we could to move the bales… we carried them, pulled them, wheel-barrowed them, dragged them, and hoisted them until they were all home and dry in the polytunnel. There were 60 bales and 6 of us on the job so we all had to move 10 each! Easier said than done!
The stack of bales changed the feel of the polytunnel – it was suddenly very warm in there as the bales created a windbreak at the back of the tunnel.
We all had our lunch sat on the bales 🙂

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