What a week

Late in joining the blog – just been too busy with getting all the planning and funding sorted out. So pleased to see it is all coming on so well, am heartened and excited by all the activity and the generosity of others. Feel constrained by the rigours of the official side of things, just want to get gardening!

The team ladies really stuck in – lots of conversation and serious chat – lots of laughs. And a storm kettle – sad to miss it. 

So many visitors to introduce this week, all so keen and excited. The ladies, on Tuesday, practical and informative, romantic and delighted. Seen through others eyes the garden seems magical. ‘Safe, cosy, warm, inviting, mysterious, hard work’. A certain area of the garden made someone feel safe. That made me happy. 

Later the lads, they were just blown away by the opportunity and the potential of the place. Plans to build shed and studio, fix the rotovator and plough, offers of strimming, digging, pruning vines. Such pleasure found. Enjoyed tea and talk in Boot Up! HQ polytunnel. So exciting making plans. 

Sitting there alone in the semi-darkness pondering the day. How very lucky we are. What lovely people, in fact, friends, we have here. This place IS magical, it attracts magical people. 

Thinking about the practicalities, we need some more equipment. Simple things like cups and a kettle, water containers, a stove etc Will get it sorted.

Thursday, another visit by more students. Again, what a joy, they are so keen and again, entranced by the space. Someone who knows about mechanics will get the rotovator sorted and will be allowed to use the tractor. 

This is all so exciting……

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