The Apprentice Project (TAP) Day Two

Day Two of the TAP project. A day for making,

everyone excited and raring to get out in the garden

Start off by going to have a look at the rainfall levels in our collecting vessels

After some of the heaviest rainfall this year, causing floods in the St Austell areas overnight, the jars are very full, over 40mm of rain

Back inside the polytunnel for a warm up, we get going with taking some of the ideas from ideas board and models we made last week, and have a go at practical ideas for transporting water uphill. We start by trying to make an Archimedes Screw out of pipe and a cardboard tube.

The turning of the screw creates pressure in the pipe and forces the water upwards….
Well kind of……
Of course it needed some help to create the pressure…..

After partial success with the Archimedes Screw, we went outside and tried to make a water=transport system using pulleys, string and recycled bottles
This worked really well……

and the bottles went round and round. As the string got slack they started to dip, so back to the drawing board…. this experimenting is SUCH fun!

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