Bonfire Raid

Bonfire Night. A huge bonfire has appeared in the field behind the garden. It is stacked high with wood that we could use. The students make a bonfire raid (with permission of course) we got pallets to make compost bins, boards to make the raised beds in the polytunnel and wood to fix up the shed. They worked hard. Cup of tea at HQ, tea and chat, again excited planning……one wants an apple crumble. Promised we would have one next week 🙂 

Again alone at last in the garden. Nearly dark. owls. Waning moon, bright against the silhouette of trees. Never seems time enough at the garden. Writing, never get round to it. Sat and drew a plan of the garden. Pleased with that. Will scan it in and post it here. Bit idealised and certainly not to scale! 

Dark in the garden. Glad we have a torch. 
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