Trees, trees, trees

Found some trees today, ok, so not the obviously massive ones that line the ‘tall trees’ garden at Boot Up! But still just as remarkable in my eyes…I am a total self confessed tree lover/occasional hugger! 

So on Thursday afternoon, a small Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea) was found in the middle of the pathway, it had already shown signs 

of trampling damage, so I ‘rescued’ it (for want of a better word) and potted it up temporarily, good job seeing as the farmers now uses that new path as a tractor run! On the look out for a sensible relocation plot for this little sapling!

Another tree that was planted was a team members potted Christmas tree, that was in need of some outside space, good 

quality air, and some tasty soil. 
It was planted in the aptly named ‘Christmas trees’ area of the garden, as there are older, planted famil
y trees from the years we presume! Its a cute little spruce, just look forward to seeing it thrive in the environment among all the other trees! 🙂

And the last of the tree stories today…I was clearing the area outside what is known as poly1- where I found a Beech sapling which was very healthy and  quite a good size, started to dig it up, as it was in the entrance to the polytunnel, as I was digging I was suprised at how easy it was to dig it up untill I realised that the tree had rooted itself in a plastic grow bag (unless of course it was planted that way, but I very much doubt that). So the tree is still within its grow bag, waiting also, for a suitable area to be planted. 

So a sucessful day for all trees, people, and boot up! involved, and throughly enjoyed myself.

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