wild weather. one minute sunny , next torrential rain. thunder rolls. rainbow. arrive in hailstorm. cold and wet. 

The shed improvements take place – dry in there! Polytunnel gets cleared a bit more. What do we keep and what do we dig up? the fennel smells nice. leave it for now. 
prune back the little birches that have sneaked into the tunnel. They deserve a chance although their days may be numbered. 

Student names the polytunnel with no polythene – ‘Tunnel’ 

Move all the bamboo poles into the polytunnel. Slippery and dangerous in this weather – slipped over like loosing footing on ball-bearings! yowch. 

Strip the damaged polythene from Polytunnel ‘Vine1’. Sent away for some special tape to fix it. Will reuse the polythene from the old polytunnel for repairs. 

Harvested flower pots! They are everywhere.

Discussions need to be had about what to clear and what to leave. Dont want to strip the garden of all the character. Important to leave natural areas and habitats.
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