• Weather Wise

                                                                                                         As the weather is always […]

  • Larging it Up again!

     The group from Penrice decided to go for a traditional style windmill with sails so we set about creating one with old sheets and some found materials from on site. The student ambassadors worked really hard with the kids to get this completed. Using an old office chair and some bits of plastic pipe and […]

  • Larging it up!

    We dug a test hole to start creating a large windmill, using a drainpipe and bit of old polytunnel pole as a shaft. Designing the hub Making the crank for the winding mechanism made form old pits of plumbing pipe Creating the sails from bits of plywood and guttering The test site is nearly complete […]

  • Wooden Windmill Workshops

  • Windmill Challenge

     First we introduced the idea of windmills and wind power by looking at images of all kinds of windmills, from dutch windmills with pumps to wind farms.  Then we got crafty and made simple paper windmills to demonstrate wind direction & power We then moved on to making the bespoke bottle windmill design we had […]

  • one step ahead

     Designing windmills for the windmill challenge

  • Chipping Away

    |Free load of chippings from Leadbitters To fix the path Tough work! 

  • Winter revisited

  • Priorities right

  • seed signs

    Making our seed signs to show what’s planted where. We used old wooden blinds, thin bamboo and twine, and practiced our lashing techniques to make it all stay together.  They look rather lovely and slightly french ‘potager’ style.

  • Spring has sprung

    A log cut down a couple of months ago- still has enough life in it   to start shooting. Welcome back bulbs! We missed you!  Good old PSB (purple sprouting broccoli)- We can rely on you to feed us! A snap shot of our new look polytunnel with lovely raised beds (what we always dreamt of […]

  • Bug houses

    5 Star bug accomodation 🙂