• Colourful PolyTunnel

    Laverta, PSB, nasturtiums, tomatoes and purple dwarf beans…. lovely

  • that pesky spy-cat!

    Look who’s been climbing UP the poly tunnel! Now that’s art 😉


    Wow! well done team! green purple beans, damson and blackberry and apple jam. Delicious! Damsons are stewed in a little water, the stones removed, then sugar added and boiled.What an amazing colour!

  • Harvesting reading for…..

    Look! there’s cherries too!What beautiful fruit!Hannah and Kim pick the damsons (in the rain!)Apple trees…

  • Early summer in the Poly Tunnel

    Hannah planting out purple sprouting broccoli to harvest in spring 2012The heads from last year’s purple sprouting broccoliA very happy butterfly explores the poly tunnel (ready to lay eggs on our new PSB?!)

  • days of dreaming

  • Garden in Summer

  • Allotment Lunch

    Yes! we grew a peach! yum yum

  • ArtFest Open Day

    We had a fantastic dayand we painted 2 new murals We made some more pinhole cameras Kim did glass painting Nick Brennan did more Beano Cartoons The artists came back on open day to show everyone their skills and a meet and greet

  • ArtFest Cartoon Drawing

  • ArtFest Mural painting – Man Eating Plants!

    I think so man eating pineapple- should we be scared? Marc showing us his techniques going freehand…. scaling up our ideas getting the idea of scale…. the we add our design for monster man-eating plants! aaaarrrggghhh…..then a background colourfirst we have to paint the boards white Mural painting looks like fun! This is one in […]

  • ArtFest Pinhole Camera Workshop

    Some amazing and quirky results We rushed it up to the campus dark rooms to process in the machines and these are our pinhole images – both negative and positive and convex then back to the dark-room sack to get the paper out We took one of the teacups Going round the garden looking for […]