ArtFest Pinhole Camera Workshop

Some amazing and quirky results

We rushed it up to the campus dark rooms to process in the machines and these are our pinhole images – both negative and positive and convex

then back to the dark-room sack to get the paper out

We took one of the teacups

Going round the garden looking for a suitable picture to take was a challenge

we even made one out of out Boot Up! tea pot

Then we had to pierce a hole with a needle in the can, cover it with tape and slip in the photographic paper in the dark-room sack

then make a card tube and lid to fit the can

We had to cut the top off and file off the sharp edges

and some black card and scissors

and beer cans (emptied last night by the students!)


Working with workshop leader SA Hannah V to make the pinhole cameras first we needed duk tape
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