• Scoffy Toffee

  • Smoothie Moovie

  • Smoothie Bike

    Take an energetic boy…… add a bike…… boy cycling hardattached to a dynamo…… A blender attached to the power cable….. Add heaps of yummy exotic fruit …… Pedal and blend….. And WOW! a Fruit Smoothie ……. Fantastic fun and soooo delicious

  • Fruity Days

    yesterday, we concentrated on making apple juice by collecting windfall apples, crushing them in the ‘scratter’ (apple crusher) and pressing the mash for juice in the apple press. The fresh, clean tasting juice was enjoyed by all. Today, we are working with fresh foods again. We looked at Leeks and Potatoes that can be made […]

  • Cricket Bat Making

    We went for a walk in the fields to gather some straight sticks of hazel… Fashioned into Cricket Bats on the wood turner….. Now THAT’s Cricket!!!

  • The Roof is Almost Complete

    We managed to finish the roof up to the very last panel today! I think we may need Jo’s help in fitting the tricky last bit!

  • Reaching New Heights

    Cracking on with the build, the new ceiling goes up swiftly Kids and students make an impressive team 🙂

  • A Collection of Boot Up Photos

    Click Here, grab the corners to turn the page, more to come soon 🙂 Ed

  • Garden Art – Leaf Printing

    Making Christmas Wrapping paper using leaves as inspiration from the garden

  • The Big Squeeze

    The First Press for the new Apple Press We have borrowed the ‘scratter’ (apple crusher) from the Gardeners at Tremough Campus. We have picked up barrowloads of windfall apples in the orchards and off we go! Pints of yummy fresh apple juice…. just so satisfying Fixing the ‘scratter’ – a few technical hitches – a […]

  • Gardening & Garlic

    It’ so good to be back at the allotments, lots of work to do to get them up and running.Garlic cloves dug up from last year’s crop Gone for a cuppa Re-digging the bedsCompost Bins reinstated

  • Pathways

    One ton of woodchip One muddy pathand lots of hard work Safe paths