Fruity Days

yesterday, we concentrated on making apple juice by collecting windfall apples, crushing them in the ‘scratter’ (apple crusher) and pressing the mash for juice in the apple press. The fresh, clean tasting juice was enjoyed by all.

Today, we are working with fresh foods again. We looked at Leeks and Potatoes that can be made into soup and we got some fresh herbs and garlic from the garden.
The teachers made the soup for everyone, using all fresh ingredients and we ate it by the fire in the yurt during a rainstorm. All warm and cosy. Everyone really enjoyed it.

After lunch we looked at fresh fruit, pineapples. melons, blueberries, strawberries and bananas. We looked at the labels to see how far the fruit had travelled and where it was grown. Then we made fruit smoothies by having fun with the smoothie bike.

And to end with we made some toffee apples with the apples we harvested from the trees. Sticky and fun.
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