• Marshmallow Madness

    then squeeze the marshmallow between the biscuit…. a hot wagon wheel!!!!! You get two chocolate digestives…. toast a marsmallow until squidgy on the BBQ…..

  • Yurt envy

    Visit from the CiCESS Team from County Hall……’ so THIS is your office????’ Yep!

  • Creative Design Uni Taster Day @ Tremough Campus

    Thumbs Up for a great idea…. and it is supporting too! Team 2 created a ‘weather chair’ with basket weave handles to carry it outside! Group 3 Made the ‘Pizza Chair’ …yum and you CAN sit on itLooking round the Tremough Campus….. the Italian Garden Lunch in the Stannary Refectory … doing what students do… […]

  • What the eye doesn’t see….

    Wood chip delivery …. a wonderful free gift

  • Mosaic Madness

    Decorating flower pots with mosaic tiles…..

  • Strawberry Fields Forever

    Preparing the bed for lots of lovely yummy strawberries………..

  • Woodworking -Freestyle Ideas

  • Bottle It – Cuckoo Pint

    The project took a whole week but we are delighted with the finished shelter…it has created a huge talking point at the garden and looks very impressive. The best thing of all was the lessons and discussions we had around the build. Discussions about plastic waste, peak oil, waste. hunger, recycling, homelessness and communal activity […]

  • Mud Mud… Glorious Mud

  • Shaving and Strimming

    The Straw Bales required shaving to get the walls smooth before we could attempt the cob render. This was laborious and time consuming…..some of us tried to cheat and used the strimmer! It was never going to be THAT smooth but the effort made to give the build a close shave was tremendous.