work day…

Boot up! working party pics….. well done everyone!

Last Thursday Boot Up! became friends with some great new volunteers, students and young people. It was a great to see the site littered with people from all walks of life, from everywhere from Bicton College, Plymouth, Falmouth and around Cornwall. Work got underway after tea (of course) and lots of homemade cake from new friends.
The flowerpots at Admiral and Flowerpots allotment sites were cleared and sorted into stacks of varying sizes and colours, and uncovered some old rusty machinery. Aptly named ‘team flowerpots!!!’
‘The diggers’ made amazing headway with the digging of the foundations for the self build, and even found some clay amongst the soil, a mention of a clay oven is an exciting prospect!!
The B-urt (base of the yurt) team began to plan and slowly put together the beginnings of the platform and decking that the yurt will be sat on.
The fencing is taking shape with great efforts from a very special team member, and is finished off by some also v special students!! (yes everyone is special!!)
So the team has made big impacts this week, and cant wait for the rest of this week with the yurt construction…and more general site maintenance. So so so so exciting!!!!
Hope you enjoy these images…

B-urt building
The wood
More wood
That’s the spirit!!!
Team Diggers!!
B-urt planning
Our very own flower!
New friendships were found
as were many many flowerpots
A look into the Admiral allotment
Look what we found…
and again!
We had to house the million flowerpots somewhere
Our companion named Freda
urmmm…more flowerpots!
more digging
Before the work

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