The Apprentice Project – The Finished Product

After months of designing, planning and creating ideas to transport water across the Boot Up! site, and after a few failed prototypes, the final product was revealed.

The Boot Up! Water-pot Can.

Using the most abundant waste material on site, flowerpots, Meg and the Booters came up with a simple design by plugging up the holes in the base of the flowerpot (with mud!) and creating some kind of lid.

Meg took the idea back to Uni and set about designing a prototype using the plastic moulding machine. The final product was an ingenious simple base and perforated lid with spout which clips securely onto the top and bottom. A watertight solution!

The Final Prototype
First test trials………and it WORKS!!!!!! Hoorrray!

Having another go…….
Now the more complicated bit of designing something to carry the Water-Pot Can around the garden
Yep, a simple frame that attaches to a wheelbarrow where the Water-Pot Can fits snugly. Working on the principles learnt on the ‘People Power’ session with the Smoothie Bike, the idea was to utilise the energy already being spent in barrowing stuff round the site, by attaching the Water-Pot Can to the barrow.

A fantastic outcome to a brilliant project!
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