The Apprentice Project (TAP) Day One

After eating lots of cake, Meg explained about the project.( we all ate cake by the way, not just Meg…) She gave everyone the choice of an unusual and different water catcher (jar, vase, jug, bottle etc) and a beautiful personalised wooden label made on the laser cutter at Uni.

Meg has also made some lovely worksheets to fill in about ourselves

This special jar had a Christmas Tree painted on it. Wonder how much water will be in it by Christmas!

Everyone tied their labels on and we went for a walk round the site to choose special places where we could catch the rain. Each week we will measure

the level of rain in the jars.

The we worked on ideas about moving water with pictures of other methods used around the world

Ideas came thick and fast……
Next we had to make a grand design of how we could build a piece of water moving equipment. There were some fab designs with working parts….

We filled in our worksheets which said loads about us….

At break, we played apple throwing into a bucket… harder and jucier than it looks!
After doing some woodwork outside in the sunshine, we came inside to recap on the day…..

and filled in the first week on the board with designs and plans for next week

and we put some recordings in the Sound Bank…

along with our names…..and some captured images on a disposable camera

Then we had the JamJarJury to evaluate the day, 1 marble for an OK day, 2 for a Good day and 3 for an Brilliant Day

Guess what – 3 marbles all round!!!!!!!! Hooray!

What a fantastic first Boot Up! day of the new season. Cant wait for next week…

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