Spectacular Seating

At the beginning of term we went to the school to introduce the project to the young people

Student Emma set the young people a challenge to make achair that would take their weight out of paper to demonstrate how strong some materials are and to teach about weight bearing.Some used some of their time to design it on paper first

and some just got stuck in….

On the first visit to Boot Up! they revisited their paper chairs and looked at designs

They were given lots of resources to experiment with ….
The brief was to make some funky seating to use outdoors around the fire pit using sustainable and recycled materials

Some designs of other basic furniture were used as referen

Designing patterns inspired by the Boot Up! Garden to use on the furniture

After a forage into the woods to gather branches for whittling and shaping the chair legs we set to carving out our shapes for printing the designs

after a trip to the scrap store we came back with lots of brilliant resources including some plastic tubes that we can use for the arms and backs

Some more designs incorporating the plastic tubes
Stenciling the designs onto the chairs

Using the tools at the Design Centre we cut the tubes in half and sprayed them with plasticote paint

Such beautiful chairs – what an AMAZING project Well done everyone! ands Thank YOU Emma
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