Misty beauty

Beautiful. The late afternoon sun skimmed the top of the trees sending the browning leaves into a golden shimmer across the garden. As we cleared the area in front of Poly1, the sun began to get lower and lower in the sky. The garden grew cooler, and more tranquil. 

Silence, the noise of the outside world stopped for just a minute. A light mist began to form on the Bonfire field next door, blanketing the Earth. It began to creep across the field encompassing everything that it touched, including us. The mist danced slowly, entering the Boot Up! Garden through the holly archway, as we slowly moved around replacing tools and equipment to their rightful homes. The mist made its way all through the garden, into tall trees, admiral, favourite space, and finally Boot Up! HQ. It was time for us to leave, darkness, cold and mist had all set in. I shall never forget the calmness within the garden on that evening, just so lovely and beautiful.
Here are a few images I captured… enjoy…

Winter sky
Le Vin!
Vine leaf
Intwined vine
Browning oak
Green oak
Mist setting in
Under the Holly Arch

…& again
Lovely reflections on the greenhouse
Favourite place
Golden trees over the back of the garden
All images are copyright of Hannah Atkinson of Boot Up!

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