ArtFest Wood Sculpture Workshop

yes we think so…everyone loves the Boot Up! Deer. We are so proud of it.

Having a sit down with a cuppa and a think always helps the creative process….shall we have driftwood ribs or not?

and in the meantime we can make a snake with leaves as scales…

The it has to be screwed together….

and the log we found is the ideal shape for the deers head …. and the shell can be for the nose and pine cones can be the eyes!

These smooth pieces will make great ears…

We had to first cut some wood to shape…

Tom had a good idea what to make and had downloaded some pictures of woodland animals. Looking at the shapes of the wood and the bits and pieces we have found it was decided that we would make a deer.

Working with Tom Hyde, a professional sculptor who works with wood was a real treat. He bought lots of bits of driftwood with him and we all went off round the garden to find other useful bits and pieces, which included a log from the log-pile, some shells and some twigs.

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