ArtFest 14th – 17th June Paper Making Workshop

The finished results were beautiful

It’s child’s play…
we had to ‘surf’ on the wooden board to make the paper flatten evenly

Some looked like jewels pressed into the pulp

We began to get more confident and started pressing the materials we had found in the garden

We all had a go, it took some getting used to but it soon got easier

Nik put all her effort into the demo and we were amazed at the speedy results

We were given instruction as to how to begin… not everyone was listening!

Artist Nik Elvy arrived to teach us all how to make paper using recycled materials and materials from the garden

Arriving early to set up. Gorgeous sunrise 🙂

The idea of having an ArtFest came from wanting all the young people to come back and experience working alongside professional artists for a few days. The notion of being inspired to get creative, coupled with hands on activities for everyone to enjoy was embraced by all.
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