A few moments of exploring

3 of us there today. A new friend (making a fantastic composter)
Discussion about changing winters in Finland, polar bears, distance from nature, community, and a collaborative profound belief in this project.

2 try to decide what to do today. Do we do or make or be?
Decided to explore. Time to feel the place. See what’s happening, what else is there, how do we fit in? Or are we in already? Working together…
The manicured versus the wild
The structured versus the freedom of nature.

The edges of our land- no man’s land in a way: occupied by rabbits, robins, insects, so many plants, so much other.
But it is not really ‘other’; it is us too. Rabbit droppings in the strimmed grass. Robins in poly tunnels, wasp buzzing about looking to hibernate. Them and us? watching each other? or is it just us watching them? Do they have a sense of otherness? Or is that just us?

Time to explore becomes as equally productive as pruning.

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