About us

Why we are here

Boot Up! Outdoor Learning was created to support and educate vulnerable young people from 8-18 yrs from schools across Cornwall, with a specialism for Children in Care. This group is still at the core of our work and bespoke sessions are organized so that they can find a place to call their own and where they can make strong and lasting relationships.

The Boot Up! Outdoor Learning method has been both effective and popular and we are now extending the offer to all young people, both through schools and clubs as well as to their parents/carers from home. The offer can take the form of many things and as an education charity we love to help people learn.

We offer educational sessions to school and college groups and through Falmouth Forest School we offer activities for younger children.

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Why we do it

We believe in the transformative power of learning in the outdoors. This offers a kind of freedom that the classroom can not and ‘learning by doing’ empowers our young people to make choices and learn through process and not necessarily be judged on the outcome.

We have seen timid young people develop confidence and skills well beyond their initial capabilities, aggressive or angry young people learn to work calmly with others and achieve amazing results. We have witnessed change in every person who has passed through Boot Up! Outdoor Learning, from young people, students from colleges and university to school staff, and we feel proud that we have been able to share so much of what we do with them.